Monday, October 30, 2006

Sunday October 29th

Yesterday's show went pretty well- for those of you who didn't listen, it was halloween themed, so we played "scary" music, which included the X-Files theme and the Monster Mash.

We got in the Daily Tar Heel! Check out our story, which includes quotes from some of our club members. The print version has a picture of Henry- my dad is getting copies for the whole club.

Club members: things to work on for next week-
  • Transitions were not so good yesterday. We're doing a fine job dropping out songs... raising volume levels for the second audio cue seemed to be a challenge
  • Put some energy into your announcing. We're being rather bland and speaking with a dull voice.
  • Come up with interview questions for ShakerMaker, a local group who we will be interviewing next weekend.
Happy Halloween! Be safe tomorrow night!


Sunday, October 22, 2006

Feeding the Fire

The interview went pretty well. Henry and Quinn did the interviewing while the rest of the club was on standby (literally standing by- that studio is tiny!). Feeding the Fire classifies themselves as Progressive Rock- check them out yourself.

It's official- "Leather pants can be pretty cool"
-Feeding the Fire during their interview

In my opinion, the voice on many of their tracks sounds like it's influenced by Nirvana, which in turn was taken from R.E.M. Not a bad thing- the vocal effect is nice with this style of music.

Any requests for next week? I was thinking playing something by Elvis Costello.... Maybe "Radio, Radio" again?


Use AOL Instant Messanger during the show

We're trying to build a community of students that enjoy chatting with each other and the DJs while they listen to the show (streaming over the internet at or on regular FM radio at 103.5 if you live in Chapel Hill or Carrboro).

During the show, the DJs are monitoring AIM and you can talk to them and request songs. Our AIM ID is wcomteenspirit. Add us to your list of friends and we'll add you, too. You can also chat with other teens in the area who are listening to the show.

If you are new to AIM (as I was until last week), do this:
  • go to
  • click on AIM Express on the right
  • Get a Free Screen Name if you don't already have one (you may have to try several different names before you get one that nobody else is using)
  • Login using your Screen Name and Password
  • If you have a popup blocker on, it won't work. Disable the popup clocker and/or add to you list of allowed sites, and then go back and try to login again.
  • Another problem that might happen is that the AIM service is "temporarily unavailable". Try to login a couple of more times and it will usually let you in eventually. It seems to be random...anybody know what's going on with this problem?
  • Finally add wcomteenspirit to your friends list

- DB

Feeding the Fire (Band Interview)

On the October 22nd show, we hope to have a band interview with Chapel Hill's Feeding the Fire. This local band caught Henry's and Quin's attention when they performed in the Fitch lumber parking lot at the Carrboro Music Festival. Here's a picture from that show we grabbed off their MySpace website:

Two websites where you can find out more about the band and listen to some of their music or watch some of their videos, including songs from their recently release three-song EP entitled Naked to the Invisible Eye.

We haven't figure out how to have an electric band perform live in the studio, but we're working on it. In the meantime, we can play cuts from their CD during the interview.

We're hoping to have Amber Dutton and perhaps Jeremy Bellion perform in early November.

The Daily Tarheel is doing a story on us and is supposed to be sending a photographer today to take a picture. We're expecting the article to appear during the week of October 23rd.

CHCCS deciding that next year's juniors had to attend the new Carrboro High School if that is their assigned school. Next year's seniors can stay at their current school if they want. Do you think that is the fair decision? We tried to get some callers to call in with their opinion on that last week, but nobody called. Sadness.

- DB

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Teens Top Ten Books

On the October 15th show, we announced the American Library Association's 2005 Top Ten Teen Books. You can find the list at:

You can also view the nominees and vote on the 2006 list at:

Call in to the station at 929-9601 if you have a book that you love and would recommend. We'll say your name on the air and teh book you would recommend.

- Dr. B

Monday, October 02, 2006

Music Ramblings

We have an AIM address for all of you that don't get the whole IRC chat client thing. Anyway, we can be reached via AIM at wcomteenspirit at all times during the show, and periodically throughout the week.

Yeah, I know the Carrboro Music Fest is old news, but me and Quinn saw this pretty cool band in our free time last week. They're called "Feeding The Fire" and they have a myspace, like most other bands. Basically, they're an indie rock band with a bit of an earthy twist, kinda like anyone else you might see at Weaver Street. They had their music down so well that they could do whatever they wanted on stage, which made for a very high energy performance, in the middle of a parking lot, no less. They have one LP out, "Naked to the Invisible Eye. But yeah, I encourage you all to check them out.

And yeah, that's about it for now. Here's the link to listen online.


Sunday, October 01, 2006

Thoughts on the 10-1 show

It sounds good when we have two or more mics/DJs talking.

We need to talk more - announcing songs, bantering, humor, telling listeners who and what Teen Spirit is, encouraging them to call in, visit the blog, go to the chat room, etc.

Rule of thumb: three songs without talking should be the max.

Quickly identify yourself..."This is Quinn. I've got a PSA about the Shakori Hills Festival..."
- develop an on-air personality where regular listeners know your voice and your style and interests.

We need to bring humor/local interest stuff to the studio so we have some content to read work with.

Someone should put mIRC/chat room instructions here on the blog.

Sound mix is strange but works pretty well. I think our target audience is more interested in hearing more new R&B/hip-hop and less old rock (Guns and Roses, Pink Floyd, Survivor).

Great show, by the way! I especially noticed how well y'all were working together.

- DB