Sunday, October 22, 2006

Use AOL Instant Messanger during the show

We're trying to build a community of students that enjoy chatting with each other and the DJs while they listen to the show (streaming over the internet at or on regular FM radio at 103.5 if you live in Chapel Hill or Carrboro).

During the show, the DJs are monitoring AIM and you can talk to them and request songs. Our AIM ID is wcomteenspirit. Add us to your list of friends and we'll add you, too. You can also chat with other teens in the area who are listening to the show.

If you are new to AIM (as I was until last week), do this:
  • go to
  • click on AIM Express on the right
  • Get a Free Screen Name if you don't already have one (you may have to try several different names before you get one that nobody else is using)
  • Login using your Screen Name and Password
  • If you have a popup blocker on, it won't work. Disable the popup clocker and/or add to you list of allowed sites, and then go back and try to login again.
  • Another problem that might happen is that the AIM service is "temporarily unavailable". Try to login a couple of more times and it will usually let you in eventually. It seems to be random...anybody know what's going on with this problem?
  • Finally add wcomteenspirit to your friends list

- DB


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