Sunday, October 01, 2006

Thoughts on the 10-1 show

It sounds good when we have two or more mics/DJs talking.

We need to talk more - announcing songs, bantering, humor, telling listeners who and what Teen Spirit is, encouraging them to call in, visit the blog, go to the chat room, etc.

Rule of thumb: three songs without talking should be the max.

Quickly identify yourself..."This is Quinn. I've got a PSA about the Shakori Hills Festival..."
- develop an on-air personality where regular listeners know your voice and your style and interests.

We need to bring humor/local interest stuff to the studio so we have some content to read work with.

Someone should put mIRC/chat room instructions here on the blog.

Sound mix is strange but works pretty well. I think our target audience is more interested in hearing more new R&B/hip-hop and less old rock (Guns and Roses, Pink Floyd, Survivor).

Great show, by the way! I especially noticed how well y'all were working together.

- DB


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