Monday, October 30, 2006

Sunday October 29th

Yesterday's show went pretty well- for those of you who didn't listen, it was halloween themed, so we played "scary" music, which included the X-Files theme and the Monster Mash.

We got in the Daily Tar Heel! Check out our story, which includes quotes from some of our club members. The print version has a picture of Henry- my dad is getting copies for the whole club.

Club members: things to work on for next week-
  • Transitions were not so good yesterday. We're doing a fine job dropping out songs... raising volume levels for the second audio cue seemed to be a challenge
  • Put some energy into your announcing. We're being rather bland and speaking with a dull voice.
  • Come up with interview questions for ShakerMaker, a local group who we will be interviewing next weekend.
Happy Halloween! Be safe tomorrow night!



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