Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Two Pirated Shows In One Day

Today from 10am-12pm we did a show, Pirate Radio, which we've done once before I think, on a teacher workday, not sure about that. Me (Hunter), Tucker, Quinn and Henry were here.

It's 1 and a half in the morning now, so I guess its really Wednesday. Me and Tucker are here, and my mom is watching us, to make sure we don't blow up the radio station... or something like that. We played Go a bit, Tucker utterly pwned me, so I gave up. And whenever we announce we've just kinda... talk.. a lot.

I'm about to go help Tucker play a Pokemon game, so bye...

Disclamer: It's one and a half in the morning, I'm aloud (allowed, see, i can't think) to type/talk/think wrong/incorrectly/un-understandable and i can make up words :D yeah....


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